A successful weekend

This weekend the mighty Team Glacier took on the Red Raiders of St. Louis in a no-holds-barred competition of good versus evil on the ice. Game #1 on Saturday was a fiasco from the word 'go' due to the incredible incompetence of the officials. In the first period alone, they called 12 separate penalties (including one that the ref called 'body contact' - I'm sorry, we forgot ice hockey was a contact sport!); it was so bad that all the stoppage cut into out ice time so much that we had to play 12 min periods instead of 20 for the rest of the game. During the first period I received a 10 minute misconduct, essentially because the ref thought that I called him a naughty name; in reality, this comment was directed at a girl that I had gotten into an altercation with because she purposefully dove to take me out at the knees. While I'm not above trying to draw a penalty by harassing people in front of the net, I would never purposefully try to injure someone like this girl did; it was something I couldn't let go. Regardless, I didn't deserve to spend half the game in the box, chatting with my dad who was running the scoreboard!
A funny side note to my little vacation in the box was that whenever a member of the other team was brought in for some minor (b.s.) infraction, she and I would inevitably sit there and rip on the refs until her time was done; yes, the reffing was so bad that it united two violently-opposed teams under one common goal - ridicule for terrible officiating. In the end, we wound up beating the Red Raiders both on Saturday and Sunday, which was a nice confidence boost because they will most likely be the team we will have to face to advance to nationals in PA.
More updates to come next week, when we face our new rivals (who we will see in nationals if all goes well), Michigan Tech. Last time we met, there was a brawl, so it's going to be good. Who knew a women's league where ages range from 18-50+ could get so feisty?

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