For your viewing pleasure,

because I don't really have anything exciting to write (other than it's cold as hell in Chicago right now, and about to get worse) I would like to share with you some cool art. I got an email newsletter from Brandon Bird, an artist I have mentioned on here before, about a submission he made to a Stan Lee tribute show that was put on by Gallery 1988. I clicked on the link to check out his new stuff, but stayed to look through the whole thing because there was some really incredible work in there. Even if you aren't a fan of comics, you can't help but be impressed by the skill, sense of humor, and creativity shown by most (if not all) of the submissions on there.

Some of my favorites, just to whet your appetite:

Leanne Biank
oil and acrylic on panel
12 x 22 inches

Jen Rarey
one of a kind hand sewn plush
9 inches tall

Evan B. Harris
ink on board
9 x 9 inches

and I'd love a print of this one:

Roland Tamayo
acrylic on panel
18x24 inches


julie said...

awww. i love stuffed aminals.

yeahdog said...

Me too! There were a couple other of her pieces in there as well, if you haven't seen them already. They're awesome.