Pho Sho

In Ho Chi Minh City. Passed out hard last night, and woke up in reasonable time this morning to a breakfast of egg pho and coffee. Claudia and I went out for a walk to a local spa where she got her hair and nails done while I had an amazing 45 minute head massage. Yes, head massage - basically all I ever want in life.
The rest of the day was spent wandering around on a mission to locate a particular style of scooter helmet that I kept seeing and really wanted for a bike helmet. Got all humid and sweaty, but then the torrential rain came, trapped us under a shop awning, and we grabbed some beers from the cooler and waited it out. Helmets and groceries were eventually acquired; now it's time for dinner and the bar.


Good morning / good night

Parked watching the sun set over Hong Kong through the windows of the airport - knowing full well it's getting ready to rise not long from now in the city I flew out of about 15 hours ago. Needless to say, I'm feeling a little bit disoriented, but the view is spectacular. I am really excited my connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh City will leave here after dark, so I can see that mushroom farm of skyscrapers on the islands all lit up. Welcome to the other side of the world.