Internet Rave Archive be blowin' up

So, Dan has been putting in a ton of time scanning old rave 'zines like Massive, Bean, etc. the last few days. The end result of all his had work has been the growing 'zine section on his (I don't know if I can really call it 'our' because he's doing all the work!) site the Internet Rave Archive*. For anyone interested in early-to-mid-90s dance music, specifically in the Midwestern United States, though not exclusive to that region, go check it out. Also, if you have any 'zines you'd be interested in having added to the site, please contact me by commenting to this post and we'll go from there. If you want to donate them outright, that's cool; if you want to have them mailed back after scanning, that's do-able as well.

* For all you archivists out there, I know the proper terminology would have been Chicago Rave Archives, but Dan registered that domain before I took him under my wing!

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