This blog seems to have become the condensed version of daily life for the time being, but I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing. I graduated last weekend, so finally that chapter is over and done with.

Monday I started at a new term position at the place I've been working at since January; it only goes for 10 weeks, but it's management experience, which is cool. I am currently huddled within a protective fort made of stuff I need to sort through.

Dan and I are hopefully putting in an offer on a place in Oak Park today. We love Bridgeport, but it seems like the residents here have put selling on a hold and we are ready to move on. I hope we have better luck this time than we had with our last two attempts at home buying - third time is the charm, maybe? At any rate, we have close second and third choices, so at least this time we have backup plans.


Another all-nighter

possibly the last for a long time. Just found out my grade already for my other course and am happy with that. I've felt like I've been phoning it in for the last semester, so it's nice to know my professor didn't think so as well.

Tonight (Monday) I am going to the Hawks playoff game solo because my wonderful husband bought me a ticket! As Claudia aptly put it: Hockey = Love.



End of the week has passed and brought no news about the job. Dan helpfully suggested that they may have offered the job to the other candidate and were waiting to hear her response before coming to me. Thanks Dan.

In other news, on Tuesday Dan and I will be looking at homes in the Oak Park neighborhood just west of Chicago. Bridgeport isn't letting us in, and we're getting tired of this game - Oak Park seems to have a lot to offer while still reaping the benefits of being on the CTA and close in to the city. Aside from that, the housing stock in our price range is amazing - sweet vintage places with nice upgrades, beautiful landscaping, lots of outdoor space, and close proximity to a pretty cool downtown business area. So, we're going to go feel out out to see if we'd like to put down roots, or if we want to keep holding out for something here; at this point I could go either way, though I am starting to get bitter about how we've fared in this neighborhood with our two failed attempts at buying. Striking out twice in such a heart-wrenching way almost makes me feel like we somehow don't belong here; I know that's silly but it's hard not to start taking it a bit personal.

This weekend is all about Mom and taking her around for her special day - Saturday is plant show and working again in the garden, while Sunday is the breast cancer run and taking mom to dinner. Show your moms some love!


The wee hours

Another late-nighter, but it marks the killing off of my second-to-last-ever grad school assignment. All that's left to do now is my big final project that is due next Friday; I am planning on murdering it over the weekend so that I don't have anything to spoil my enjoyment of the coming week.

In other news, interviewed for a full-time position for the summer at my current work; the competition looks really good, so I will not get my hopes up on this one. If it happens, cool - it'll be great for my resume; if not, that's ok too. They supposedly have a part-time gig for me that is guaranteed, and that will open me up to being able to take on some of the side projects I have planned for the summer in terms of apprenticing and volunteering to get more varied work experience. Regardless of their decision, I should have an answer by the end of the week - here goes nothing.


It's that time again!

My friend Karen and I will be running this weekend in the Breast Cancer Network of Strength Walk to Empower (formerly the unfortunately-named Y-Me). If you're interested in donating to my race page, please go here.
Proceeds go to provide support in many different ways to individuals with breast cancer, their loved ones, and survivors.


Familiar refrain

RE: Archivist/Lead Surveyor and Requisition Number ****

Dear Elizabeth *****,

Thank you for applying for Archivist/Lead Surveyor, ********.
We have been fortunate to receive resumes from many interested applicants for this opening and have decided to pursue an applicant at this time whose education and background would be a better fit for the position.

We appreciate your interest in furthering your career at the ******. Please continue to visit our website at ***** a listing of all open positions.

We wish you success in your future endeavors.

Thank you,

Human Resources Management

Glad to hear I lack the proper education and background for just about anything as I'm on the verge of completing yet another degree. I mourn the loss of entry-level academic positions.