Hello blog, it's been a long time

Sorry I've been neglecting you, this semester has been a bear. I hope everyone who checks this from time to time is doing well; I'd like to say I'll be doing a better job of updating, but I think that'll be pretty unrealistic until the end of term.


Note to housekeeping

First of all, thanks for cleaning up the big mess we made last night; the place looks awesome. One thing I'd love to ask you to not do in the future is continue putting those stickers on the lose end of the toilet paper roll. I'm OK with the usual bathroom origami that housekeeping seems to like to do with the free end of the TP roll, but this sticker thing isn't making a lot of sense to me. Today I got the feeling that you were trying to spite me for my mess because you put three stickers on a brand new roll, making it virtually impossible to get some sheets off. Please, allow me the easy access to the roll that we've all come to expect, and spare the usage of those stickers!


Master debaters...

Urbana = drinking games with debates. Notable challenges include the following:

name of average American
blank stare
words lacking 'g' and ending in '
nu-cu-lar rather than nu-cle-ar
references to bush
mentions of immediate family members
the phrase 'hockey mom'
more that i can't remember for obvious reasons

got to love librarian parties...
needless to say, it's time to sleep....


What a difference

Back in Urbana for classes (the kitty's butt is ok, but that's another story), and staying at the Hampton Inn this time instead of the dorms. I had a great time getting dinner and some beers at the Blind Pig with my friend Tracy from my archives intensive, and now I'm lounging in the most comfortable hotel bed I've been in a while and watching some baseball. This is a long cry from the lofted bed, clammy walls, rogue pubes, and 5am fire alarms of the dorms I've stayed in previously. This may be a bit more expensive, but throw in a hot tub, pool, cable, and continental breakfast and it's totally worth it!