Scavanger's breakfast

You've got to love the day after the president's address. This morning I feasted on a toasted whole wheat bagel, lite veggie cream cheese, and orange juice, all pilfered from the snack leftovers (normally it's just a bowl of muesli, which is still yummy, and water). I felt a little funny walking back to my office through the public spaces with a stack of bagels balancing on a small tub of cream cheese, a large jug of orange juice clutched in the other hand, and an orange stuffed in each of my back pockets, but I guess I didn't look nearly as desperate as my friend Andrew who walked away with a massive box of bagels cradled in his arms. I guess that's what happens in an non-profit institution filled with underpaid worker bees; we never grow out of the starving college student phase where you can't pass up a free meal (or three)!


Cycling Phun said...

Hey, those are always the best meals. I had my muesli this morning, but could've really gone for a whole grain bagel.
On a side note, I'm thinking of putting together a ride in Ohio this summer, you guys in?

yeahdog said...

Possibly! What are the details? Length? Dates? etc.

My biggest issue right now is not being able to miss work because I'm already using most of my time off for masters stuff and hockey; if I wouldn't have to miss work, that might work out.

Cycling Phun said...

OH! You want me to have a plan? Riiiight. I'll holler at you with more when I know. Looks like probably it will be the towpath, about 30-50 miles followed by getting a beer.