Beer goggles on my city

I can't tell you all how thrilled I am - really. The feeling I have knowing that now I can go grab lunch with my father, or my brother, or Dan; the three most important men in my world. To know that when I get out of work - as my own direct boss, when I see fit - that I am in the heart of the city I love with a passion. All I can say is this is amazing. I go to and from with with the biggest, stupidest grin on my face. Riding home on the El tonight, listening to a live PA from Hyperactive (acid techno), knowing that what I see out the windows is really what inspired what I was jamming to. I felt a return to my giddy teens years of escape to the city for something more. And isn't that what I am doing now? Running further into the city to chase my ideal?

I know that today I leafed though, fake-casually, a copy of the original plans of the city, knowing I would soon be in charge of its awesomeness and more. I am a kid in the candy store right now. Everything I see tells me that I can have an amazing time for the next few years, but I know I really really need to read the signs and guess right. We shall see what happens.

I could really use the cash-in on job karma now.