Last night Karen and I went to the gym at work (which we're trying to do at least twice a week), and I hit the treadmill again. This time I was able to run the three miles without any cramping (I had water with me and managed to take a sip or two), and actually cut my time down by about three minutes. I started at running a ten minute mile pace, then bumped it to a 9.5minute pace for the second mile, then up to the 9minute mile for the third, and finished the final .50miles at an 8.4minute pace. For some reason it actually feels better for me to increase my pace as I progress, rather than plodding along without any changes; I guess it gives the workout a bit more of a variety. I'm not sure if this is good form, but I was comfortable with it. Next week I'll start at the 9.5minute pace, and try to up my distance to 4 miles. Baby steps.

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