Getting ready for the 5th

So I'm all excited to once again be taking part in the democratic process and, hopefully, making a little bit of history on the side. These past two terms have left me champing at the bit to get someone new and diametrically opposed to everything the current administration stands for, so I've been doing my research and getting ready for the big day. For those of you going through the same process right now, I have found that the Chicago Tribune has provided a nice little tool that helps you compile a sample ballot to bring with you to the polling place; this feature even goes so far as to provide links for candidates' sites (when they have them), and to show who the Trib endorses and why. Now I've got my little cheat sheet in my purse, and am ready to rock on Tuesday.

So, even if you're not from Chicago and can't use the Trib's ballot creator, please make sure you go out on Tuesday and vote if there is a primary in your state. If you don't know if you have one, or want to know when your state's is, check this site out.


julie said...

good for judges: http://www.illinoisjusticeblog.com/blogview.asp?blogID=24383

yeahdog said...

Thanks! I knew you'd have some good input.