Day of rest

So, heeding Julie's advice, I have decided to make today a 'day of rest' from lunch time running. This now leaves me with the question of what to do with myself for an hour. I have already succumbed to the evil temptations of online shopping and bought some cute things off etsy, I think next it's on to the debauched world of online forum trolling until the rest of my time is up. I am looking forward to warmer days when my free time can again be spent eating outside by the lake, or napping on the lawn in the sun.


julie said...

so, you're running 3.2 or so in 30 min, sounds like you're a 5K runner! check out my not-so-personal trainer (aka website named Hal) plan for the 5k: this would be great structure and get you ready for a 5k of your choice. http://www.halhigdon.com/5K%20Training/5-Kinter.htm
check out www.cararuns.org to choose the 5K you wanna target for.

yeahdog said...

cool - it has occurred to me to start doing some 5ks once hockey season is over. thanks for the heads up on the site!