Sitting here at my desk, reading a printout of an article, I caught myself subconsciously holding the mouse with my right hand and using the scroll wheel to scroll down when I was getting to the end of the paragraph. I need to get away from my computer more.


Tomorrow we get the keys to the new castle - I can't even explain how I feel about that right now. I'm trying to ignore it so that I don't get too distracted, but every once and a while I remember what's going on and I get a touch of the butterflies in the stomach. I can't wait to start bringing stuff over and making things our own - not having to deal with anyone else's BS. I can't wait to think about planning my garden and doing all the things I've been wanting to do with more space of my own. Dan will have his workshop area, and we'll finally have our basement bar. There will finally be enough room to not have bikes in the living room or hockey equipment airing out in the kitchen.

The nest week or so of living out of boxes will be kind of bogus, but the ends will definitely justify the means.

From what we've been told by the old owners, the Bridgeport welcoming committee has already been over asking questions and trying to feel us out, so I'm curious how that will all go down. I told them to tell them we were incredible loud, messy, and Cubs fans, so we'll see.


To do

My list of small goals that I would like to achieve, bit by bit, in the near future:

01. Move in and get the house in order
02. Brew a batch of beer
03. Set up worm bins for kitchen waste
04. Read a chapter or two for LibriVox
05. Get some of my photos up on etsy to sell
06. Find out where I can take Polish classes
07. Learn to do metal work/make stained glass objects
08. Get back to training - I want to do this next year
09. Cut out pointless sugar and caffeine
10. Learn to can/pickle things
11. Go shampoo-less
12. Get the sewing machine from Mom and start learning how to use it
13. Learn to crochet
14. Plan out next year's plantings
15. Start henna dying el pelo


Boxing Day

So we are one day out from our trip to Europe, which we will return from just in time to scramble to be reading for moving day. Needless to say, things are nutty around the house. It's a precarious balancing act between getting everything shoved into scavenged boxes, and making sure not to pack anything that might be needed or desired while we are abroad. Apologies to all those near and dear who may have had their needs and requests packed messily into one of my mental crates during this time; hopefully when I get back refreshed, and get moved into the new place I will be back to being a semi-rational human being.

In the meantime, leave a message to let me know what you want from Norway, Germany, or Poland - it may happen!