Y-Me - the thought did cross my mind

Wind gusts up to 45mph? Check. Heavy rain? Check. 40F temp? Check. Hail? Sure!

Yeah, the weather was awful, but it was still a good time. Karen was a trooper and was able to run half and walk half of the 5k, which brought us to the finish line in about 40 minutes. Not too terrible considering the windy, rainy apocalypse going on around us. Between the two of us we managed to raise over $1400, which also is pretty awesome (if you still want to donate, go here). Running through all the crap really drove home the point to me that the discomfort I was feeling was something I chose to take on, while the people we were running to help were going through something unimaginably worse that they never would have even wished on their worst enemy. Hopefully because a bunch of nutty people decided to slog through the puddles on a Chicago Sunday, there will be more men, women, and children getting the emotional support they need from Y-Me (which, it was announced at the start, is now to be called the Breast Cancer Network of Strength).

Thanks to all who gave, and all who ran - I know we made a difference in someone's life today. Photos will be up in the next couple days.