First night

So we spent our first night together at the new place, unboxing stuff and dining on Little Caesar's Pizza (man I love Crazy Bread); we still have a long way to go before the place looks normal, but already having space feels awesome. I've started mentally planning my office and the deck, and we've started considering what furniture we need to get to house various homeless objects. Sleeping was awesome. That probably sounds strange, but after living right off the Congress Expressway and Clinton st., which has trucks going down it all night and a fire department around the corner, the silence and darkness was extremely nice. Before heading to bed I mentioned to Dan that I really hoped that we could hear trains from our spot because there are freight tracks that run nearby - ever since I was a kid I've found the sound to be comforting for some reason - and this morning I woke up to the sound of distant train whistles. Awesome. The sounds of the new place, so far, are great: a random dog now and then (sounds like a German Sheppard), lots of birds, and cathedral bells. It's kind of how peaceful it sounded in Garfield Ridge, for the most part, except there at night you'd hear people drag racing on Archer, and from time to time you felt like the planes landing at Midway were going to take your head off.

We'll see if the honeymoon period wears off when I experience my first Sox game in the neighborhood tonight. I'm going to the game with my dad, but I'm wondering if the fans are a pain in the ass on our street. From what I've heard thus far, things don't get bad, but you never know!


julie said...

we miss you already. but i'm glad it's working out for ya!

yeahdog said...

We're not far away at all, and you know there's always an open invite!