Long weekend, but a good one

Well, the first non-DEMF Memorial Day weekend in years passed fairly nicely; Friday was Josh and Nat's wedding, which was a lot of fun, and then it was on to the lake for an extended weekend of sloth, gluttony, and more. I was happy that Claudia was able to come up with us, as she is leaving this weekend to see her boyfriend in Hawaii and may not be coming back any time soon. I will miss here incredibly, but I know this is what she needs.

Aside from generally just hanging out and napping, I also got back on the training horse for the 1/2 marathon. My encouraging start was completely interrupted by our move last week, and only now am I really getting back to normal. I did my 6 mile run on Monday and taught myself a few important lessons - first and foremost of those being that I should make an effort to try to run in the morning when it's cooler, or at least wait until late enough that the sun isn't directly overhead. Another thing I learned was that until I get further along in the training program and in better shape, I should try not to run long runs in very hilly terrain; the rolling hills were nice for the first 2-3 miles, but they got old pretty fast for the second half of my run. Overall I think I did pretty well with hydrating and pacing myself, but I can see that I have a long road to the finish - the coming weeks will be a true test for me in endurance and dedication.


julie said...

get a hat, too! it's far cooler without the sun in your face.

yeahdog said...

Yeah, I actually said something about that to Dan when I got back in. They may look a bit silly, but now I definitely understand what they're all about!

Also, I just looked up my route and it looks like I did just shy of 8 miles and not 6 as I had thought; no wonder I was so beat!