As promised

Here are some pics from Sunday (click on them to see them better)

Before (note the 'win susan' tee)

The race through the rain - taken by Karen B

Moving that junk in the trunk - Taken by Karen B.

Absolutely soaked and frozen - I couldn't feel my hands at this point

OJ's bloody shoes - I need to buy socks that don't slip down when they're soaked.


julie said...

wow, you wore a backpack for a run? how did that work?

Cycling Phun said...

Looks like you had fun, at least! Have a great day.

yeahdog said...

Yeah it was a good time. As for the backpack, it was my friend's and I offered to lighten her load by carrying it; he athsma was bugging her. It wasn't too terrible, but I wouldn't choose to run like that if I could avoid it.