Momentarily Bikeless

Well, biking to UIC for my practicum meeting didn't work out because, apparently, my U lock key is with our car keys at my parents' house. Instead I got to ride the bus in and then rollerblade through the rain to work after; this may sound crummy, but I kind of enjoyed it. I definitely got much more of a workout rollerblading than I ever have biking (think less stopping and starting, and less coasting), though I did feel like of like a toolbag wearing my mess. bag while doing so. I need to locate my backpack to avoid rocking the bike bag sans bike look that I've never been a fan of. I plan on blading home from work down the lake path tonight; if it doesn't take too terribly long, I might consider commuting in that manner every now and then. I have to work tomorrow to make up some future days I'll be taking off, so I'll be back on my bike then - you have to love being able to use your office as an unofficial bike room!

In other news, we got gypped in terms of the massive thunder storms we were hearing about all morning; maybe it's just me, but I always feel disappointed when predicted atmospheric mayhem fails to arrive. Maybe next time?

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