Special Saturday Edition

Well, I'm back in at work because I am making up some days I have to miss in July. Today I finally attempted the bike commute from the new place (rollerblading home last night was nice, but it seemed to take forever). One way from door to door took me about 25 minutes (4.7 miles) at a moderate pace. The route is about 1/3 city street, and the rest the bike path; on a Saturday the path was clogged with marathon training groups, but I have a feeling my portion of the route (heading north in the morning) will be pretty sparse on a week day. All in all it was a really pleasant ride and I can see doing it quite often (every day perhaps?) this summer. The real test will be the fall and winter when high winds whip the lake water up over some areas of the trail and the paths become icy. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it though - for now I will just enjoy cruising through shady, tree-lined paths and along the calm harbors.

Tomorrow is our first BBQ of the season (and the new place) - if you know me and haven't had an invite, email me and I'll send on the info!


julie said...

boo for saturday working, but yay for bikes! sorry i missed your bbq, but we'll catch up soon.

yeahdog said...

Hope things are OK in P.R.. See you soon! You know there will be far more BBQs to come this summer.