Chicago Music Lovers Take Action NOW!

For those of you who missed it (which isn't too hard due to the lack of coverage), there is about to be an ordinance passed in the City of Chicago that will require all event promoters to acquire expensive licenses and insurance, and be over 21, before they can put on shows. This will in effect stamp out any kind of DIY events being thrown by the musical young'uns, like punk shows, up-and-coming garage bands, small-time independent acts, and so on. What will be left, other than huge events being held by mainstream promoters? Not much.

This ordinance is due to be voted on this Wednesday, so I urge you to write your alderman/woman to ask them to consider voting against it. Don't know who they are? Click here.

There is also this site, where you can learn more about the issue and leave comments that will be printed out and taken to city hall.

I saw the anti-rave ordinances effectively kill the underground dance music scene when I was in high school; some promoters went on to keep the music alive in the clubs in the city - now even they will again face annihilation by these overzealous legislators. One of the things that makes this city so amazing to live in, other than the wide variety of foods, is the endless supply of cheap/free and interesting music to go out and enjoy; please don't let this disappear.

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