Completely awesome

I managed to get home before the Sox's 7:11 start last night, and was able to experience all the fireworks from our front window for the first time. Even our neighbors who were working on their front porch stopped for a moment and cheered the beginning of the game; I don't think that will ever get old for me.

Dan hooked my grandpa's old boom box into the sound system in our place (there are speakers wired into the ceilings in almost all the rooms) and we listened to the game while unpacking. The Sox wound up blowing out the Indians, and I got to run to the windows a couple more times for Jermaine Dye's back to back home runs.

The house is beginning to look a lot more livable, and the back porch is turning into a forest with all the random potted trees I've inherited from different museum staff and projects (so far there is an oak, four Japanese maples, a lilac, a coffee plant, and two blue spruces). Eventually we will have a yard to plant all these guys in, but until then they'll have to kick it in their pots.


emily said...

That's awesome about the place. This winning streak is really kicking some major ass, too. It just puts me in a ridiculously good mood.

yeahdog said...

Same here! Can you say 'sweep?' Good times, even if it was cold last night.

Cycling Phun said...

I hate yer stinkin' Sox!
On a far happier note, glad to hear the new place is coming along so well! Best wishes!

yeahdog said...

Thanks! Not too happy about last night's results?