Ordinance news

So far I have heard that the alderman from the 1st ward, where Lava Lounge is, has told local promoters that he plans to vote against the ordinance tomorrow. Good move, considering a lot of the income generated in that area comes from nightclubs and other businesses that feature live music in small venues. Keep reaching out Chicago, the folks in charge ARE listening.

Contact info to show support:
1st Ward Alderman:
Manny Flores

Contact him here:
1st Ward Service Office
2058 North Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60647
phone: (773) 278-0101
fax: (773) 278-2541

City Hall Office
121 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
phone: (312) 744-3063

Contact info for Smartbar and other venues in that area:
44th Ward Alderman: Thomas Tunney

• Ward Office: 1057 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

• Ward Website: 44thward.org

• Ward Phone: 773/525-6034

• E-Mail: ttunneyATcityofchicago.org

• City Hall Office: 121 N. Lasalle St.
Room 300 Chicago, IL 60602

• City Hall Phone: 312-744-3073

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