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I am a hermit, so for me actually being able to review any kind of entertainment is a novelty of the greatest proportions. This weekend I actually made it out of the house to enjoy three different events: a live performance of Othello, a viewing of the movie Penelope, and a Chicago Blackhawks game. I am happy to report that all three were well worth my while, and did a small bit of good in that they showed me that leaving the safety of my own four walls wasn't such a bad thing. First, the play.
Othello was performed at the Chicago Shakespearean Theater at Navy Pier. I thought everything was absolutely phenomenal; it was visually pleasing, and the acting was right on the mark. I enjoyed the costuming in particular because it was done in such a way as to suggest that the story was taking place in the age of the British Empire's expansion, and I have always been a fan of Victorian dress. Of particular note were the actors/esses that played the roles of Othello, Iago, and Emilia. The entire event was intense, and completely gripping.
Penelope, on the other hand, was a bit more lighthearted (understatement of the year). Starring Christina Ricci, this modern fairytale was very Tim Burton-esque, and therefore very visually-pleasing. The storyline was pretty predictable, but not in a bad way, and the happy ending, for once, actually made me happy. I would definitely recommend this little flick for anyone looking to see something pleasant; an alteration on a familiar theme that has been done artistically and intelligently. I'm sure it would never win out in the box office against the usual animated children's fare, but I think it has a lot more to offer to that demographic, or any adult that likes a bit of escapism if people were to give it a chance.
Finally, the Hawks. They gave Vancouver a good seeing to last night, which was thoroughly enjoyable. I can't stress enough the complete 180 that this organization has done since the death of Bill W., and the taking of the reigns by his son, Rocky. Finally the team is winning, and it appears that Chicago is starting to remember, once again, that they have an original 6 team of which they used to be very proud. I hope that this trend continues, along with the strides the organization is making in terms of winning back the hearts of their alienated fan base.

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