To Brian

I got back on my bike today and rode; you were the reason. After last night's news, it didn't seem right to hit the snooze again to make it an even dozen, and miss riding in on this bright, clear morning. Life is too short for such a waste.
Spring is obviously around the corner - though the air is cold the sun is hanging around a little bit longer every day, and this morning the park was full of songbirds that I haven't heard in months. It made me think of summer; BBQs and baseball games, and how different that is going to be now. It might sound silly, but I wore my Thome shirt today with you in mind; I know you had fallen out of love with the Sox (who hasn't?) but it reminds me of you.
I hope you are now in a better place, and that your road there was easy. You are greatly missed.

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