So, the playoffs this weekend didn't go too well, but I can't say that I'm shocked. As a team, we fell apart. I guess there was a lot of stuff brewing that I didn't even know about, and it all came to a head actually during game play. I hate to say it, but that is what I could never get over about women's hockey, and what made me leave it in the first place a few years back. At least in men's hockey, if you have some personal issues in your private life, or with other members of the team, it doesn't make it on to the ice; if you feel that it might, you generally don't come out to play. Saturday, all that garbage was out there, saddled to the back of a couple of our players. This extra dead weight not only caused them to play awfully, but also became infectious and brought down the level of anyone that was forced to skate with them.
Quite frankly, I was embarrassed by the whole situation. We definitely did not deserve to win and move on. I guess now I need to start looking for another team for this fall, because there is no possible way that I can skate with people that are so completely off the mark on what it means to lead a team; a couple hollow apologies later, and I am still left with the feeling that it will only continue to get worse - it's sad that 10% of a team can ruin it for the rest.
I guess I'm glad that all of this surfaced before I committed to another season.


julie said...

youch, sorry to hear it. drink it off at pizza night tonight? i wanna hear more.

yeahdog said...

Can I postpone pizza night to another night this week? I'd love to get together with you, but I'm taking mom to dinner and the opera tonight (it was her Christmas present!). When are you free otherwise?

Cycling Phun said...

Sorry to hear about that. Can you get on a co-ed team maybe? You seem to think (by what I can tell from the post) that part of the solution might be less of the estrogen, or am I way out of line saying that? Anyway it's really cool you have such a grip on reality! Refreshing it is. (Yoda?!) Sounds like the Bday was good at least.

yeahdog said...

I actually played men's league for quite some time. I wanted to get back into women's hockey because there's more of an opportunity to do some traveling and play tournaments; men's league, for the most part, is always just in-house league stuff. Aside from that, there aren't many men's teams who will pick up a random female skater unless she's got some amazing college experience to boast. I never skated college, so I usually never get a second look when I try to get on free agent lists locally.
Oh well.