Now that I have your attention, perhaps I can get some help from you as well. I signed up last night to participate in the Y-ME race for empowerment which is a 5k run that takes place on Mother's Day to raise money for providing services for breast cancer patients. Check out my website here for information on how to make donations; every penny goes to helping a great cause, so donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of my family and friends who have already given; they've helped me pass my fund raising goals twice in under 12 hours - amazing.

If you're more of an ice hockey fan than a runner, you can also help my team raise money for the Stick it to Cancer tournament that we're playing in in MN. All money raised also goes to help breast cancer patients. Here is the site explaining the tournament, and here is the page where you can make the actual donation. Remember to choose the name of our team, Chicago X-Factor, so that we get credit for the donations; the team with the most donations wins in case of a tie in points when it comes to advancing on to playoff and championship games. It's a great time and a great cause, so any help would be wonderful.



julie said...

i'm going to see if my mom wants to do it too... i can't do it if my mom doesn't want to go, since it's her day.

yeahdog said...

Cool! I'd love to have you both along. A friend of mine from work just signed up; it would be awesome to have a little crew to run with.

Cycling Phun said...

Awwww, That was a letdown. (heh heh heh) I gotcher email and will get to it shortly. Please feel free to send a friendly reminder if I forget in the next couple weeks. Hope all is well at Le Chateau de Yeahdog, best wishes for raising a boatload of cash for the cause!

yeahdog said...

Sounds good! No real rush as you have some time. I appreciate that you're even thinking of it. Things are good on this end. :)