Today is my big bad b-day, and I'm feeling good. It's kind of funny the reactions that I have been getting this year. For the first time ever, people have begun making the jokes about 'oh you're 15 this year,' or 'one step closer to death.' I guess I'm not there yet mentally, because creeping up on the backside of 30 isn't really bothering me yet. I'm not ready to begin evading the question of how old I am, but people have noticeably stopped asking. I'm more than willing to get my ID out at bars, but getting carded has become more rare.
I'm obviously in a point of transition, yet I haven't recognized it within myself. Am I somehow (gasp) starting to appear more mature to others, or am I just starting to look old? Same coin, different sides?
Either way, I mentally still see myself as 27 going on about 23, which isn't a bad place to be. I did a lot of living before I got to this point, so I'm not really frantically trying to cram a bunch of shenanigans in before hitting another milestone, but at the same time I'm still very much a kid at heart. I guess check back with me when 29 rolls around, but this feels like it will be a pretty good year.


julie said...

29's been pretty good to me. No complaints.
Hope you have a great day, and good luck this weekend!

yeahdog said...


Cycling Phun said...

WOO HOO! Happy birthday! Hope it was great. I'm VERY quickly approaching 33, or should I say 32 going on about 23? I can totally appreciate the "kid at heart" thing. I think it's what keep logical people from going off the deep end.

yeahdog said...

Are we really that logical though? :D