Shop around

The news I received yesterday about Denver made me realize something: I have nothing to wear in a more traditional setting. Last time I went to a conference, The Society of American Archivists, I noticed that though I had worn a skirt I still felt I was dressed inappropriately. Part of the function of this conference in Denver is to provide budding professionals with the opportunity to network with potential employers and colleagues, and even to do no-site interviews, so I know I'm going to need to dress more professionally while I'm there.
The problem is, where to begin? Ever since I entered the workforce, I've been working in environments that have gone beyond being casual. Unless you work down in the public areas, or in the administrative offices, the usual work attire here at the museum is anything you don't mind getting ruined. I have nice clothes for going out to dinners and clubs, but I own absolutely nothing that I would wear to look nice in a work setting. Needless to say, I have some shopping to do. I think this weekend I need to make a pilgrimage to Ann Taylor Lofts by my parents' place; it seems to be the only store that carries nicer clothing that actually is tailored to look right on a body like mine. So, time to bite the bullet and get something I never thought I'd own: an 'outfit.' I'm talking one of these puppies

I'm curious if I'll ever be able to pull off a look like this without looking extremely uncomfortable. I've always liked to go ultra feminine when I choose to dress up, yet business situations almost seem to demand that women dress in this weird mix of masculine and feminine in order to be taken seriously by both men and women. As for me, it's all or nothing to either extreme; I tend to be tomboyish when I don't need to look nice, and really femm when I do... this mixing of intentions doesn't seem to fit me too well. Also, the whole blazer thing tends to make me look like a linebacker! Lets hope they've learned to chill out with the shoulder pads and puffy sleeves.

Next to check off the list? The laptop/notebook/etc bag. I need something nice to carry around with me while I'm there. This, I think, will be the fun part; there are so many cool little online boutiques making bags and the like from recycled materials that I'm sure I can find what I need in a style that suits me.


julie said...

if you are confident, you can get away with wearing anything!

yeahdog said...

Hmmm... burlap sack sounds really tempting!