Update, and some thinking to be done

I received an email this morning from one of my team mates. Apparently the main culprit from our disastrous regionals weekend is stepping down from the executive committee, and the remaining group wanted to know if I would be interested in becoming a member. I emailed back that I would love to help out, but only if things were truly improved. I felt it was time to hint at the fact that I, and others, might not be back next season. I put it fairly bluntly that I couldn't see playing on the same team as this one skater because I knew that her actions that weekend were not something new, and in reality, that was the only thing about her that affected me in any way (not her shortcomings in terms of running the team). In a nutshell, I really don't want to skate with drama on the ice with me anymore.
We'll see what I get as a response. I told her that because this woman was a founding member of the team, it was of course more her right to be there than mine, and that I was perfectly happy looking elsewhere without any feelings of malice. Hopefully things work out one way or another.

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