On the hunt again

I'm not sure if I ever made a big deal about it on here, but we accepted an offer on our condo a couple weeks ago. Now, after a couple weeks of complete apathy, we are on the move again, looking for a new place to rest our hats (and bikes, and hockey gear, and shoes, and on, and on...). Tonight we apparently have about 7 showings all over the Bridgeport area, and a few more tomorrow night to boot. Hopefully something looks nice, as we'll be homeless as of June 1st. After that, it's on to rat hockey with my brother tonight at Johnny's Ice House; it's been a while since I skated there with these guys, so it should be fun.


julie said...

the church fell through? boo!

yeahdog said...

They wouldn't lower their price to anything reasonable. I have a feeling that they will eventually, but we aren't going to wait around!