Back on track again

All fatigue from last week is now, thankfully gone. Today's run went really well; I needed it after the bacchanalian weekend I had for Dan's birthday. One thing I find really funny is, no matter how good or bad I feel while doing my actual run, nothing compares to how inadequate I feel when I have to climb the 10 flights of stairs back up to my office. There's a special something about stair climbing that just plain stinks. I made the decision a while back to start doubling up on stairs (step on every other one to make it more of a workout), so I feel like I'm getting something out of it other than being winded. My wonderful, giant of a husband's comment when I told him of that tactic was to ask what the big deal was because he took them two at a time already. Well, for those of us who aren't the Jolly Green Giant, it's a bit more of a challenge!

Anyway, today's hike up wasn't nearly as bad, which I see as a big positive. I was even able to run the first 5 (doubling up) before I had to go back to a walking pace. For those of you envisioning me doing an awkward run up the grand staircase in Stanley Field Hall, never fear - I choose to keep my personal humiliations as private as possible by choosing to use out-of-the-way stairwells.

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