Busy weekend, but an awesome one

This weekend was like witnessing a total solar eclipse in it's awesomeness and it's relative rarity; for once we had two oldschool jungle nights in one weekend. Unheard of. For someone who has been a veritable hermit for the last couple years, getting out twice in one month, let alone three days, was a big accomplishment. Friday night brought out all my old crew, and we got really rowdy to the sounds of my brother starting the night out with his first live set in Chicago; Eric Rosati blending some Dub, Ska, and Jungle; and finishing off the night with local hero JJ Jellybean doing what he does best. There was an attempt to go to smart bar after Cafe Lura closed for Speedy J, but Dan and I grabbed a cab and went to bed - one club was enough for two so out of shape in the clubbing game!
Last night was more old school at a place called Evil Olive (formerly Big Wig, for those of you who remember the Seminar nights from the boys at BBP). The staff at the club were completely-overzealous douchebags about checking IDs (I don't think there was a single person there younger than about 26), but the music was really good. Much time was spent sitting in the loungy booths and talking to old friends. It was a nice way to cap off the weekend, but though I didn't drink a thing, I'm having a really hard time dealing with having been in the club until about 3:15 am, and having my alarm go off at 7. The mind was willing, but the flesh is definitely weak! Oh well, I can definitely manage a zombie day every year or so.

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