Jungle legend sentenced to 4 years in a Dubai prison

So the verdict is finally in - Grooverider was sentenced today for four years in a Dubai prison for having pot on him. I can't say that I am shocked after some other Brit got the book thrown at him for having a speck that customs found on his shoe (not kidding on this one), but to someone from outside that culture 4 years for anything that isn't meant to be sold seems a bit insane. All that being said, Groove knew full well the laws of the land, and by all reports had been thoroughly warned, so you can't say he was nearly as innocent as that poor sap that could very well have stepped on crumbs in a club somewhere, though I guess if he had removed everything from his clothing he still could have gone down for missed crumblys. All I know is that if I have learned anything from all this, aside from thoroughly checking all pockets of everything before packing (which seems common sense without an international dance music legend getting done), I need to remember to wash my shoes as well before traveling in that region.

In the end, I feel bad for Grooverider, though all he seems to have been doing since his arrest was badmouth all those who were trying to help him and sneer at the laws that caught him up (neither really helps his case much); his imprisonment will be a huge loss to a relatively small music scene, and, needless to say, a huge personal loss for someone who is used to a completely different set of moral values. I'm sure a lot of us would have a hard time wrapping our heads around receiving a sentence like his. He has two weeks to appeal the ruling, but considering how things have gone for people who were convicted of similar 'crimes,' I'm not holding out much hope.

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