Trail lust

I accidentally stumbled onto an article about the Superior Hiking Trail today and fell in love with the idea. Having read Bill Bryson's A Walk in the woods, I was already familiar with the famous Appalachian Trail, but I had no idea that there was a silent sister trail running along the Lake Superior shoreline in Minnesota that was less known and, subsequently, less used. While the article above discussed in depth baby boomer usage of the trail, hiking from lodge to lodge without covering considerable distance, there is also a large portion of use that goes to backpackers and through-hikers (a 3 week endeavor, apparently) who use some of the 80+ back country campsites.
I would absolutely love to take a couple weeks of vacation over the summer and go lose myself with Dan in the woods; northern Minnesota is absolutely spectacular, and this sounds like a great way to see more of it. Back in high school I was lucky enough to do some canoe camping in the BWCA; I think I'd really enjoy seeing more north woods goodness by foot.

Well, add this near the top of the 'to do after graduation when grad school stops sucking up vacation time' list, along with that celebratory trip to Egypt and the Middle East; hitting Norway with Dan and the in-laws; traveling through Asia with Claudia; going to Ocracoke with my parents; and much much more. Wanderlust anyone?

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