Fans gone wild - the road show

I don't mean to appear obsessed with wild Cubs fans, but it seems like there's a bit of a copy-cat string of rogue Cubs fan attacks going on. This time our story comes out of Milwaukee, where three Cubs fans (they seem to act out in packs) got off a bus headed back to Chicago and proceeded to beat the crap out of a Brewers fan that had just lobbed a beer at said bus; the poor sucker lost a tooth for his poorly-timed act of spite, and one fan faced charges of assault. Perhaps now people will stop calling Sox fans the violent, trashy fans in Chicago, and start looking North for the hooliganism a bit more.

Keeping it classy, Chicago.


bill said...

"The 34-year-old Chicago area man also received a municipal ticket for assault and battery after police say he punched his sister in the mouth as she tried to intervene in the fight."


yeahdog said...

It's all becoming clearer now!