I need to break my addiction to carbohydrates. Not in a fad diet kind of way, but in a 'you can't just eat only carbs and starches' kind of way. Now that I'm stuck away at school it's becoming more obvious that I need to do something. I have no access to any grocery stores within reasonable walking/carrying distance, so I'm stuck buying food at Walgreens or eating at restaurants. Needless to say, at the beginning of week two I feel like someone has crammed a few packages of dish sponges into my lower intestines.

I'd kill for a decent salad right now, but those don't seem to exist here. I've been eating the different varieties of Asian food here in an attempt to get some semi-fresh veggies, but acknowledge the fact that I really don't need all the noodles and rice. Not one place down here believes in brown rice, which is a shame. Just like last time I had to come down to stay here, I know that the week or so after I return will be spent eating as much roughage as humanly possible. Perhaps this time I'll stick to it, and stop resorting to too many carbs and starches to fill the plate. More lean protein (I never feel like cooking meat), and more fresh fruits and veggies, please. Perhaps soon we'll be getting our first installment of CSA produce!


julie said...

CSA website says they'll be delivering this week... ?!?!

yeahdog said...

Yay!! I honestly can't wait. I'm not going to be around until friday, so I'd almost suggest you take anything Dan would have to prepare. He doesn't cook a ton, so I have a feeling it would go to waste if it was sitting there while I'm gone.