In its own odd way, being back to work seems like a vacation from my 'vacation' to school in Urbana-Champaign. There's something nice about being back to the normal routine of things - 9am coffee and croissant with Karen, DLing This American Life onto my ipod for my hours of catch-up shelving, getting to open all the packages of new running goodies that came for me while I was gone, having lunch handed to me by my friend Spike as he says 'welcome back.' Face it, I really do like my work, even if I complain about it from time to time; in reality, who doesn't complain even about the coolest of jobs?
Semi-curses to Mother Nature for raining on my running plans; I was going to do my long run, but I think her wisdom may be greater than mine - tomorrow it'll be cooler, and tonight I'll get the chance to get a warm-up run in the gym in the basement before heading home. Back to the grind.

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