50min and magic cloth

I'm back on my training plan again. Things went really well tonight - I was really surprised; it had been such a long lapse that I thought I'd be dragging, but I fell into my stride right away. I'm glad I decided to just pick up exactly where my plan told me to be instead of forcing a long run at the beginning of the week; I feel like I should be ready to go on Sunday with the 12 miles.

I also got to try out some new gear today, which is always fun. Before I left for my course in Urbana, I'd decided to purchase another one of the running skorts I'd been training in. The one I had been wearing had begun to kind of slip down while running, at least until I'd worked up enough sweat to make it stick to me (kind of gross, but hey...), so I assumed the waist band had worn out a bit. I decided to take a gamble and order a size smaller. When the package arrived, I unfolded the new skirt and thought of immediately returning it because it looked way too small - once I tried it on, however, it fit perfectly. I love stretch fabrics! I also got to use my new socks, but that's not nearly as nice a feeling as fitting a skirt that looked impossible from the get-go - it was like one of those cartoon moments where somehow or other Tom the cat managed to get into the tiny hole in the baseboard that Jerry carved out for his home - once inside finding himself in a spacious, lavishly-furnished apartment. My booty settled nicely into it's unexpectedly-roomy new diggs, and I was able to run in complete hiking-up-free comfort.

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