sitting by the phone waiting for a couple office equipment suppliers to get back to me on quotes so that I can move on with the grant I'm writing. I feel completely worthless sitting on my ass waiting to hear something so that I can move on to the next stage. It doesn't help that I'm on no sleep and practically brain dead at the moment, so I guess I have nothing really interesting to say.
Last night we looked at another house that actually seems promising; we'll add it to the very short list of ones to keep in mind. We move out June 1st, so we need to figure out the housing situation soonish.


emily said...

I've been dozing on and off for the last few hours here at work. Very lightly, so I can hop to attention if I hear my boss' footsteps.

Good luck with the house hunting! Bridgeport's such an awesome area.

yeahdog said...

I've been really rocking the caffeine today; being out until 3am on a schoo...errr... work night just isn't in my realm of physical capabilities anymore!

As for Bridgeport, I really hope we find something - I love it over there :)