Back from MN

victorious. The weekend started out a little rocky, with our offer on a house being rejected for another under kind of odd circumstances. Oh well, we signed a lease on a really nice duplex to live in while we continue to look, so I'm happy regardless. After that, it was off to MN for the Stick it to Cancer tournament where we handed the locals their asses by going undefeated and winning the tournament. While we didn't get any trophies or medals, we did get bragging rights over the fact that we managed to beat the top two women's B2 teams in the Twin Cities area with a team of only 10 skaters and a goalie (versus their benches which were, on average, about 15 strong). That's right, we're rock stars. Even more importantly, we also managed to raise a massive amount of funds for the cause, and actually earned more money than all our competitors combined. Yay Chicago X-Factor!

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