Today I have to man the reference desk in my boss's absence, which means that hopefully I will be catching up on some work that has been needing attention for quite some time; it also means that my day will be almost mind-numbingly dull. Meanwhile, down below in the public realm, things are getting pretty interesting. In Stanley Field Hall right now there is an extremely talented High School orchestra which, I believe, is playing movie scored; my friend Karen desperately wanted them to break out into the Jurassic Park theme music, but it just didn't arrive before our coffee and baked goods exited the scene.
In the downstairs area things are a bit more ominous. I'm beginning to wonder how I am going to get my grant consultants upstairs because the area around the entire West entrance is on lock down because Boeing has rented some of our space for a huge meeting. Apparently the entire day is going to be filled with security checks and men with ear pieces until they leave, which makes me wonder if they think some nutter is going to come blow us up before I get to leave for my trip to Denver.
As for Denver, and the American Association of Museums' Annual Meeting, I'm pretty excited to be on my way; I think it's going to be a great time. I'm also pretty stoaked that I was able to score a ticket to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Avalanche and the Red Wings. Contrary to all reason, I think I will have to cheer for Detroit because I need to represent the Midwest.

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