Lake Path

My friend Andrew and I ran the Lakefront Path last night after work, heading South. We'd run going North before, but found it to be a bit too crowded. Southbound, I feel, was a much nicer run both scenically and in terms of congestion. In the evenings most of the traffic on the path is headed North, so we were able to make it down to the 31st Street beach pretty easily. On the way back we decided to run on the retaining wall right by the water, rather than the path itself, because nobody was using it.
The only downside to the return trip was the nasty headwind, but we managed to slog through it. The whole run, about four miles, took us about 45 minutes, including a bit of a walk once we turned around to return from 31st street. According to Mapmyrun, that put us at about a 13min mile pace. Not a bad start.


julie said...

yay, running! i find southbound on the path is so empty that even molly can come with.
in 10 days, if all goes well, i'll be registered for the CDC too. what training plan are you using?

yeahdog said...

My PT is putting together something for me, but I also received an email from the Chicago endurance sports group (I think that's the name - the one that's putting on the race) about training options, both group and virtual (meaning they give you a plan, and you can access their coaches for advice via email and phone). I am considering signing on for the virtual program, as I have all-day Saturday courses during the first half of the summer that will conflict with any kind of organized runs on those days. I need to be able to be a bit more flexible with my running times to accommodate everything else I have to get done.