Stairway to

pain. I finally got back to the gym and met with my PT yesterday. I have only 5 sessions left, so I figured I could use that time to have her show me things that would be easy to do on my own once I canceled my membership. Last night was stairs, stairs and more stairs. Run up and down ten times (up and down = 1, and so on), and then do lunges, squats, etc. on the 'rest' periods. Boy was I sweaty, and boy and I stiff today, but it felt GOOD.
The fat race ends Thursday, and admittedly I have been a pretty big failure at it. I was absolutely great the first couple months and actually lost a lot of weight, but I managed to put it back on once winter really took hold in February. I'm losing again, but I kind of doubt it'll be enough to beat our marathoner ;)
She's definitely earned everything she can get!


julie said...

I read your post and was like "PT? SShe's injured?" Then I realized that YOUR pt is a PERSONAL trainer not a physical therapist. Lucky, lucky you.
ps- somehow put on 3lb this weekend. It ain't over.

yeahdog said...

Yeah, she was really cheap so I bought 10 sessions. I figured it was worth it to get some new workout ideas that I could use on my own. I'm almost out of them now though, so I'll be back to planning my own activities.