A bit after the fact but...

my brother just posted up pics from a skate we had Sunday night at the United Center. Bill plays on a men's league team with a member of the Wirtz family, so as a celebration for them winning their league championship they invited a bunch of people to participate in a rat hockey session on Blackhawks ice (right after a game too). It was a total blast, and Jamie, my sister-in-law managed to get some great shots. Here are some (click to enlarge):

Dad, me, Bill (my brother) at center ice

On the visitor's bench: Dad, Me, Bill, Dan, Aaron

Me taping my stick, Bill mincing around for the camera

Suited up

Not sweaty yet

Between shifts on the home bench

Me probably getting beat in the corner by the fast guy

About as much action as any of my action shots had

Rinse and repeat

Letting out some inter-sibling rage

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julie said...

that looks like such a fun experience- lucky you!