The Things I get Into When I have an Extended Weekend

Tonight/this morning seemed like a perfect time to catalog our mixtape archive. The grand total? 494 unique titles (this doesn't count the multiple copies we have of certain tapes, nor does it count tape packs, which I haven't cataloged yet). Eventually the spread sheet I put together will live on my husband's site, which also hosts some of the rips he's made of favorite tapes. So now, after washing a disturbingly-thick layer of black funk off my fingers, it is time to get some sleep. In the morning (well, I'm guessing it'll be more like afternoon) I will make a hearty breakfast of eggnog pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and then finish up my master list. Hooray for days off.


yeahdog said...

This post would have been much cooler if it had been submitted a minute earlier (at 3:03). Ah dorkiness... Internet 'till dawn.

Cycling Phun said...

I don't know... I could see the obvious 311 joke. Digress. I've only found a couple of mixtapes. mostly ones I kept for sentimental reasons. One is actually a live set that was recorded at a Dubtribe Soundsystem show. Anyway, I'll have to find and break out a dual cassette deck and dub a couple or something. Heh heh... dubbing cassettes, how 1985! Hope you have a wonderful politically correct holiday of your chosing not to be swayed by religion or media! (snicker) and a great New Year!

yeahdog said...

Oh awesome! Wow, Dubtribe, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. And yes, you should also enjoy a non-denominational good time on this respite from work. ;)

Happy New Years too!