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Update 3.24.08
Yes, we do have the master list still up on our site, but I encourage you all to go register/log in to the Internet Rave Archive because we now feature a music section where you can stream or download many of these classic old mixtapes. Go check it out; we are constantly adding content, so even if your old faves aren't up there just yet, they could be very soon. If you don't want to wait, go to our forums and add your requests to the request thread in the music section.



For those of you who keep finding this post by google searching for rave mixtapes or something similar: as of late January 2008, this list is still in existence, as is the collection. The problem is that right now the link to this information is associated with a site that is still under construction. Due to this, the second link below might be incorrect every once-in-a-while until I notice that things have changed and I am able to fix everything (I'm not the one working on the site, so I never know when these changes happen). I have been told that this is the permanent link, but let me know if anything comes up. As always, if you have any questions about the tapes listed (note that there are tabs on the bottom for two collection lists), please contact me through the site (first link) - I am user name 'blue'

Here is the original blog post::

Here is the link to our website (zines, forums, chat, games, vinyl lists, tape lists, and flyers): www.ravearchive.com

The tape list is here: http://ravearchive.com/tapes.htm

We're constantly adding content and moving things around, so if any of these links aren't working, please contact the site admin or post in the forum.

I still need to add my tape packs (Brockout! 95, etc.), and eventually want to split them up by genre, but this is how it is right now. Also, it bugs me as well that it's alpha by the first word in the artist's name, which means that sometimes DJ's names aren't in correct alpha order, but that's just the way it worked out in exel.. Anyway, here is the work in progress - the cumulative tape collecting efforts of myself, my husband, and a couple friends who wanted to find a good home (in the disused library card catalog cabinet pictured below) for their tapes. It might not mean much to international visitors, but there is a lot of Midwestern (and East and West coasts) rave history here:


Cycling Phun said...

*said in the voice of 'comic book guy' from Simpsons

Thats the way coolest thing I've seen. I think I got rid of all of my rave flyers (suck) I had pretty much all the big Mid-west/East-coast flyers from, like, 92-96

Cycling Phun said...

sidebar: Sleepy C had a record store near my old neighborhood in Cleveland. One of the guys from the store was Dan Curtain. You NEED to track down some of Dan Curtains stuff. I really dug it. He was a little more mellow and trancey, but really good, and experimental. Pretty impressive overall. Im actually looking to unload some of my collectable stuff to get a MTB. Org. Messiah '21st Cent. Jesus' on clear vinyl, NIN 'Closer' 3 LP DJ only, various white label/test presses, etc. as well as some of the more rare discs from, like, ORB, New Order, and various import stuff.

yeahdog said...

Aw, it's always sad to part with the vinyl. Think long and hard before you do anything rash; bikes come and go, but replacing old records that you sold off in a rush is near impossible. We have a DJ friend who is finding that out right now; he's literally spent hundreds trying to rebuild his collection. Can't you just sell plasma, marrow, sperm, or your first born, or something?

dica said...


yeahdog said...

All hail Dica - lord of the Labovitch tape archive!