Sorry for the lapse..

We here at Let's Rock apologize for the lack of interesting content this week (or ever, if you want to be harsh); the last couple weeks were finals time for me, so I didn't have much writing to do that wouldn't have amounted to bitching. Now, as of 9:30am this morning, after a very sleepless night of paper writing, my major project has been completed and I am almost home free.
That is not to say that the whole process was without a considerable amount of blood, sweat, and tears; that's just the way of a life-long procrastinator. A couple pots of tea, one offended mother with a poor sense of when to call asking loads of questions, one effusively apologetic phone call to said mother, and one relief-filled online paper submission later, I think I am ready to get into the holiday spirit.
In winter biking news, the weather has left much to be desired the last couple days, but at least I made it home in one piece. Last night was definitely the worst I've encountered so far, not because it was colder than normal (it wasn't), but because it was cold and rainy. Thankfully I was able to get home before the temperature dipped below freezing and the streets got icy, but the wetness made me consider that maybe I needed to get some kind of waterproof glove for rides like that, and that I needed to switch over to my new winter bike boots that lock out moisture better. Otherwise, things were OK because I had my rain jacket on over my thermals, so everything but my hands and feet were relatively warm and dry.
In other news, tonight is the museum's holiday party, and then a very icy ride home through the night, so I hope tomorrow will bring you all more interesting things to read from Let's Rock.

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