Nothing interesting to report from last night's party, other than it was fun to hang out with work friends and see everyone get drunk. Today's ride in finished with a bang, literally, as my tube and tire blew on me as I entered the underpass under Columbus Drive. Unfortunately for me, I have a weird 27" wheel, so the tube a passing museum commuter offered me wouldn't work; I guess it's a moot point anyway because there appeared to be damage to the wall of the tire as well once I got the wheel off. The standing theory is that in wiping down my bike from the rain the other night, the back fender got knocked out of place a bit and was rubbing on my tire.
So now my poor, noble stallion is laying on his back, wheel detached and dejected in the corner of my office. When I get home from work (walking, what a peasant activity!) I will have to get over to the nearest shop to see if they have what I need. If this can't be taken care of before tomorrow, it looks like my trusty old cruiser might be called back up from the bush leagues. I think I jinxed myself the other day when I was in the basement and remarked at how I kind of missed the old gal.

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