Summer courses and cerebral hibernation

Once again I begin the process of waking my brain up from its post-school-year hibernation so that it might take part in the activity known as Summer Session. Instead of taking the summer off, I find it more attractive to load myself down as much as possible with the lighter summer fare that is offered through my masters program in order to blow out this degree as quickly as I can so that I might rest, mentally, forever. Or not, but right now mental atrophy sounds nice.

This awakening is no easy process. Stupefied by the gluttonous amount of information my brain was forced to binge and purge over the last two terms, the sleeping beast inside my brain-case makes me think of a large, dopey cartoon bear asleep in his cave, blissfully unaware of the persistent naturalist who pokes and prods at it in an attempt to awaken it (after which, I assume, much hilarity or carnage - or both - would ensue). Each article I try to use to arouse the hunger in my brain has been met with a stubborn indifference and even, at times, a seeming inability to comprehend the morsels on the page. I toss them aside with indifference, to be read 'later' (read:never).

Thankfully today a set of readings came my way, wafting over the waves of the internet like the scent off a strawberry rhubarb pie perched on Ranger Smith's windowsill. My mind suddenly feels a bit hungry. What's this? Social Science-related materials? I haven't had these in forever; I've been force fed library science writing for the last eight months - which anyone in library science knows - have all the flavor and appeal of MREs. So now I'll snatch up this tasty pick-a-nic basket of knowledge and run off to enjoy it (yes, enjoy - really) in privacy somewhere. Maybe there is hope for my survival yet. Let's see if I make it through the brutal rut in the fall, where I attempt in vain to attract the notice of professors in three different classes and hopefully multiply my credits in exponential numbers. Time to be fruitful and multiply.

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