Good Luck Ryan

Today one of my friends from work stopped by the library to sign out. When someone leaves their job at The Field Museum, they have to go to various different departments for signatures to show HR that they were approved to leave the premises for good; for our part, our signature signifies the fact that the person leaving has no outstanding charges with the library. Ryan came by today merely as a symbolic gesture because he never registered in the library to charge out books; regardless he had to have our John Hancock.

Ok, enough intro. Ryan leaves on Tuesday to embark on an amazing adventure - he will be taking the train from Chicago to Seattle, where he will turn around, hop on his bike, and ride back East - all the way to New Jersey with 100 of his closest friends (or, at least, what will become his closest friends for the next two months). From New Jersey Ryan will be riding back to Chicago, hopefully with John, another one of The Field Museum's excellent mount shop/exhibits employees; from there - who knows? The world clearly is his oyster at this point.
So, good luck to Ryan. I will be checking his blog from time to time to see how he is doing, and you all should be doing the same.


julie said...

i'm so jealous. one of these years, i'm gonna have to do a coast to coast.

yeahdog said...

Yeah I know what you mean. Perhaps some day Dan and I will decide to be mutually unemployed at the same time and will take off. I need to travel again.

Ryan Bruxvoort said...

I already made my fund raising target, but if the cause grabs you there is a way to donate through the website: www.seatosea.org. I also need some prayer for safe travel and sane motorists.

yeahdog said...

I think I can do a little of both :)

I'll be sending safe traffic and travel vibes your way (also good weather to boot)!