The weather is beautiful - muggy, but still beautiful - that's to be expected for late June in Chicago. I had a decent ride it; it would have been a great one if my noble steed wasn't have an issue with his back wheel. I'm going to take him in to be looked at after work, and will hopefully still be able to get home in time to see some of the Sox/Cubs game. As I rode past the park this morning people were already camped out in front with lawn chairs, hoping to snag some random tickets that may have been returned by group sales and the like.

On an impulse, I brought my camera to work today because I really wanted to get some pictures of the 35th street pedestrian bridge with the morning light - it looks really cool at that time of day. Fridays in the summer are conducive to taking your time on the way to work and, perhaps, arriving a few minutes later than usual... not that anyone ever notices. I'm hoping to have my camera out with me more this summer; I feel like I almost never shoot anything anymore, so I'd like to make an effort to be able to when the mood hits me. Too frequently do I see something that I wish I could take pictures of, only to lament having not brought my camera out with me. Hopefully tonight I'll have something to post up.

Tomorrow is my first 10k, and then I head over to the park to watch the game live and in person. I should have much more to write after all that!

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